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Marcello Anderlini m.anderlini at database.it
Mon Sep 8 13:57:35 IST 2008

I have these file in /root/.spamassassin. In /var/spool/MailScanner/ I have
not nothing except a  SpamAssassin.cache.db in

I do not use spamd but spamassassin it's called from Mailscanner.

It's correct ?


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Marcello Anderlini wrote:

>I suspect then that my bayes filter is not working correctly.
>I dayly try to istruct spamassasin using 
>sa-learn --spam --mbox /var/mail/spam and sa-learn --ham --mbox 
>/var/mail/notspam ===========================================
>But it still scores that kind of spam as non spam, ...

Where are the files


In my case, the files that spamassassin uses when invoked by MailScanner are


However if I were to run sa-learn as userx, the files that would be updated
are in /home/userx/.spamassassin.

In my case also, I use spamd so I use for example

/usr/bin/spamc -u postfix -L spam < message

to learn a message as spam. You may have to experiment with the -u option on
sa-learn to get it to update the right bayes database.

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