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Wed Oct 22 18:57:44 IST 2008

On Mon, 27 Oct 2008 11:51:04 +0000, Julian Field
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> Hi Folks!
> Firstly, a big apology for not being around the place much recently.
> Several reasons.
> Number one, I now have two incredibly cute kittens to look after:

Yes, very cute.  Brings back memories of a cat I had when I was younger. 
all grey with a diamond shaped white mark on her neck.  I have always liked
> Number two, I seem to have had quite a lot on at work (my day-job).

I know that feeling. :(
> Number three, between numbers one and two, I just haven't had any energy
> left. I'm struggling quite hard to keep my weight up (currently only
> weigh 8 stone 1, 113 pounds, 51 kg) and just don't have much energy at
> the moment. There have been a load of colds going round, and while I
> don't really get colds (certainly never get blocked nose, stuffy head,
> anything like that) they still hit me a bit. As for the new liver, well
> they want to redo all the MRI scans, so I've got a few hours in an MRI
> scanner to look forward to. A rather critical new vein has opened up,
> which totally changed their surgical plan, and they need to be very sure
> it isn't going to close again or anything daft like that. And no, the
> phone hasn't rung yet, I'm still waiting for the liver transplant call.
> :-)

Wow, 113 lbs.  I imagine you are limited in what you can eat to keep it on
with your
liver not quite up to snuff.  Most things that put weight on are not
exactly good for
you.  But it's good to hear the new vein has opened up.  The last couple
reports I
remember reading you have mentioned new viens.  Sounds like you body is
fighting back.
> So MailScanner has had to go on a bit of a back burner for a while. I'm
> sure you understand :-)

As it should be.  Take care of yourself first.

Take Care Julian


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