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Rob Poe rpoe at
Thu Oct 9 18:09:40 IST 2008

>>> Stephen Swaney <steve at> 10/8/2008 5:04 PM >>>
Scott Silva wrote:
> on 10-8-2008 9:13 AM Rob Poe spake the following:
>> Does this mean that the existing method of installing MailScanner (i.e.
>> going to / downloading the installer for MailScanner)
>> is going away?
I truly believe that MailScanner, the open source version, can increase 
it's market share by having the option of paid support. I know this 
because our paying clients tell us so. Most of our larger sites feel 
that having their MailScanner systems maintained and supported by 
professionals who keep very up to date on MailScanner and the related 
applications - actually saves them money.

I think it's just good to have options and one of them will always be 
FSL and various support options.
Thank you for clearing that up - I was confused - but that happens more often, more and more.
(disclaimer: I can see a good reason to become a paying customer)
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