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Max Kipness max at
Wed Oct 8 18:17:06 IST 2008

Yesterday, I rebooted our MailScanner server after more than a year. There
was a problem with an interface and it took an hour  to bring it back up.
When back up I noticed that the folder had grown to a couple of
thousand as I have script to monitor all the queues. I didn¹t think much of
it because this happens, but it finally catches up after an hour or so. Well
by the time I had a chance to get back to it in the evening, there were 40k
messages in mquque, and incoming seemed to stay at 90. It was obvious that
MailScanner was no longer processing mail.

I see no errors in the maillog, the local dns caching server is working fine
and fast as can be, and nothing else really stands out. Thinking that there
were just too many emails coming in for it to handle (load was up to 47 and
sendmail kept stopping and starting receiving messages). So I moved, mqueue, and incoming messages elsewhere and started MailScanner
clean. just started growing again.

After reading some other messages, I decided the best thing might be to run
in debug mode. I tried both setting debug=yes and running check_MailScanner,
and running ./MailScanner ‹debug and both of them print a few lines, the
last being SpamAssassin temp dir=blah, blah then stops. In the maillog it
prints a few lines and stops as well. Isn¹t debug mode supposed to process
some mail, or one at a time  or something. Or am I doing it wrong.

Any other suggestions as to how to get MailScanner running or to
troubleshoot this error? Or get debug mode running to see where the problem
might be?

Unfortunately I had to stop the MailScanner services and start Sendmail and
let thousands of spam through so users could get email today.

Thanks for any assistance...

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