Big drop in SPAM volume?

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Mon Nov 24 21:54:34 GMT 2008

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 2:55 PM, Scott Silva <ssilva at> wrote:

> on 11-24-2008 1:56 AM Ronny T. Lampert spake the following:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> Is anybody else seeing a big drop off in SPAM volume over the last
> >> week or so? or is it just me?
> >
> > I'm down to "more normal levels" on
> >
> > - total connections
> > - RBL blocks (= 50% of total connections for last 3 hours)
> > - "is spam" by MS (down by about 20%).
> >
> > No way in hell we should allow McColo to go live again.
> > But then again it's only Monday morning so spammers might wake up
> later...
> >
> > Cheers.
> Trouble is, there seems to be other ways to get a block back up, even if
> for
> only a short time. If they manage to do this, the bots will get new code
> and
> come back. What is needed is for someone in power to take this block for a
> few
> weeks and log all systems that try and get instructions, and trace them
> back
> through the ISP. Then the ISP needs to inform those users they are
> infected.
> But it won't happen since someone will have to foot the bill.
> One thing I *have* noticed since spam volume dropped is a huge increase in
ssh attacks, and not just on mail servers. I'm pulling information from
close to 500 systems when I say "huge" - I'm talking about nearly 1000
attempts per machine per day. Whoever is doing it is smart enough to be
using many many IP addresses from all over the world, and just making a few
attempts from each IP, then backing off to keep automated firewall
add/remove tools from blocking too many attempts. Anyone else noticed this?
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