Big drop in SPAM volume?

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Mon Nov 24 23:08:42 GMT 2008

On 24 Nov 2008, at 21:54, Drew wrote:

> One thing I *have* noticed since spam volume dropped is a huge  
> increase in ssh attacks, and not just on mail servers. I'm pulling  
> information from close to 500 systems when I say "huge" - I'm  
> talking about nearly 1000 attempts per machine per day. Whoever is  
> doing it is smart enough to be using many many IP addresses from all  
> over the world, and just making a few attempts from each IP, then  
> backing off to keep automated firewall add/remove tools from  
> blocking too many attempts. Anyone else noticed this?

Yes, certainly. I only leave a couple of boxes accessible to the  
'outside world' and their logs are filled daily with large numbers of  
attempts, almost exactly as you describe. I don't know when they will  
realise I just don't allow root or any other daemon ssh log in access...


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