MailScanner sometimes strips Outlook attachments?

Edward Dekkers edward at
Mon Nov 17 08:36:10 GMT 2008

I keep thinking I've hit the nail on the head, then another customer
complains there's no attachment.

Basically we invoice customers using a program called MYOB, which converts
the invoice to a pdf and attaches it to a message to be sent to your default
e-mail client (Outlook in this case).

This has worked up until we upgraded out server from Ubuntu 8.04 to Ubuntu
8.10. It killed mailscanner and dovecot completely, so I set up both from

I used the deb package from the mailscanner Ubuntu page, then had to get the
tarball to fill in the missing wrappers and reports etc. The deb package
seems pretty incomplete.

Anyway - most warnings are now gone (still complaining about deprecated
unrar command even with the latest wrapper), and after installing tnef, it
even expands then checks any TNEF attachments (according to the log anyway).

IN ALL CASES it says "uninfected - delivered" etc. This was after modifying
MailScanner.conf to NOT replace TNEF contents, as that was causing problems
with winmail.dat as well.

Now - it seems to keep the pdf attachments complete - about 50% of the time.
No rhyme or reason, and the log always says all is OK, uninfected and
properly delivered, yet it seems something (and I have to presume it's
mailscanner), is stripping the pdfs about 50% of the time.

I hate non-consistent problems as they are harder to diagnose, but does
anyone have any idea what may be causing this?


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