MS 4.55.10 and Clamscan 0.90 dosen't work

Neal Morgan Neal at
Sun Nov 9 06:53:20 GMT 2008

Sam Przyswa wrote:


> To upgrade to the last clamav and MS version I have to switch to
> unstable and I don't want to make my customers machines unstable. The
> last time I do that I got lot of troubles...
> Thanks anyway.
> Sam.

Sam and other Debian users on the list:

For over a year I trudged through abysmal performance with clamav -
seeing the responses from the list saying "upgrade to latest".  Problem
was, I already had the latest official release, and with more than a
dozen servers, building from source and dealing with missing
dependencies on multiple packages seemed like more trouble than it was

...until one day I stumbled across a reference to the "Debian Volatile"

Some packages included in Debian are updated quickly by the group that
writes them, but the main Debian packages for same update very slowly,
if at all.  This leaves a choice between compiling from source and
risking missing security updates, or waiting a long time for Debian to
release the new version.

Packages where this is a problem include Clamav and Spamassassin.

There is an alternative: use the Debian Volatile distribution in
addition to the current stable one.  Debian Package maintainers can
release updates to these (and presumably other) packages without the
full round of testing that is normally done.

Steps to use this:

1) Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and add this line:
	deb etch/volatile

2) Edit (or create if it doesn't exist) /etc/apt/apt.conf
	APT::Default-Release "stable";
	APT::Cache-Limit "16777216";

	Note the first line helps apt know which is the main release,
and the second line deals with running out of memory when updating
package lists from multiple sources.

3) Run dselect as normal

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