Message rules don't work, but if message forwarded, it does???

Chris Barber cbarber at
Wed Nov 5 20:38:39 GMT 2008

2008/11/5 Chris Barber <cbarber at>:
> Hi All,
> Having a strange issue, maybe someone has seen this before. I have
> spam emails that are getting through the server. If a user then
> that spam message to me, going through the server again, it does get
> caught.
> A specific example is this:
> Message comes through and hit no rules at all.
> Message is forwarded and hits two URIBL rules for a URL in the
> Strange thing is that the URL was in the message originally so it
> have hit the rule.
> Can anyone help me shed some light onto this?
> Running MailScanner 4.72.5-1 on CentOS 5
> Thanks,
> Chris

>Hi Chris,
>you wouldn't be whitelisting by email address alone, now would you?
>That would indeed explain such a thing....;-)
>When you look at it (in the logs etc), make sure you are looking at
>the envelope sender/recipient(s), since those are the ones MS use...
>Not the From:/To: headers...
>-- Glenn
>email: glenn < dot > steen < at > gmail < dot > com
>work: glenn < dot > steen < at > ap1 < dot > se


Thanks for the reply. You had me scared for a second there, but no there
was no white listing going on. I verified the envelope addresses. This
issue seems to happen randomly a least a couple times a day to some

Any other ideas?


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