OT: greylistd

Paul Welsh paul at welshfamily.com
Fri May 23 00:33:52 IST 2008

Hi all

I'm trying to get greylistd working on my Exim based mail server. 
However, when I try starting it I get:

Could not bind/listen to socket /var/run/greylistd/socket: (98, 'Address 
already in use')

Any ideas?

Anyone used alternatives?
I have spent a lot of time looking for a greylisting app. Curiously, 
there don't seem many around and there are even fewer that are 
maintained and fewer still with reasonable documentation.

For what it's worth here are the hits that google comes up with when I 
search on various ones I've come across:

milter-greylist 44,600
smf-grey 3,790
relaydelay 3,310
milter-gris 1,020
graymilter 350

greylistd 37,400
emserver 5,890
greylstd 1,790

postgrey 212,000
sqlgrey 90,600



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