DomainKeys help with MailScanner

Alex Neuman alex at
Thu May 22 21:49:20 IST 2008

On May 22, 2008, at 1:15 PM, Philip Zeigler wrote:

> I am trying to implement DomainKeys signing with dk-milter and  
> sendmail on a CentOS5 box.  I have followed several howtos to get  
> this up and running but I am always gettting a signature bad failure  
> when I send messages to the various test autosponders.
> Has anyone gotten this working with MailScannner?  Is MailScanner  
> rewriting the message and causing the signatures to be invalid?  I  
> don't really know where to troubleshoot this any further.
I think "you can't get there from here" unless you do some serious  
kung fu action on your setup. MailScanner "touches" the e-mail, so the  
signature will *always* be wrong. The only way I see it working is if  
MailScanner hands off the e-mail to another server (or other separate  
sendmail process) that DKIM-signs the outgoing e-mails.

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