Locktype: posix vs. flock

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri May 23 09:33:45 IST 2008

Scott Silva wrote:
> <snip>
>> No, you shouldn't. MailScanner's lock type must match that used by 
>> sendmail, or else they will tread on each other's toes. This is very 
>> bad. Just leave the setting blank in MailScanner.conf and it will do 
>> the right thing for you.
> Does that function simply look at the sendmail version, or try to 
> determine the compile-time options? Just curious, as I have been 
> setting it explicitly to be safe.
Unfortunately not. It is not possible to determine the locking type 
being used by sendmail just by running it. It can have flock support in 
use, but still not show it in any debug output. Linux is the trivial 
case, many other Unices are harder.

So it just works from the MTA you are using, it doesn't check version 
numbers or anything as that doesn't actually help. It is the right 
setting for most people, most of the time.


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