HTML Footers and Outlook/Word 2003?

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> Paul Hutchings wrote:
> | I’m not sure if this is an Outlook/Word issue or something to do
> with my | html signature code or how MailScanner appends signatures,
> so I’ll start | here.
> Have you had one look at the messages your MTA is sending out? The
> HTML is ackward at best.
> There must be 50 ways to leave Microsoft. You just have shown reason
> number 501.
> But the obvious way is to start a packet capture and capture the
> outgoing messages before and after MailScanner and see what has
> changed exactly.
> But the fact that something reappears before it even is send to
> MailScanner pretty much rules out any change it was changed by
> MailScanner.

Actually, I have no trouble at all understanding the HTML code. It
might appear awkward because it is sent in:

Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

format. Sending it in 8-bit format would probably clear up that

The version of Outlook used is 5 years old. Maybe it is about
time the user considered updating to the latest version. I know that
there have been several fundamental changes in the formatting of email
-- particularly in the use style sheets.

I was wondering though, is it really necessary for the OP to use HTML
formatting at all. Few email clients actually ever properly display
HTML formatted mail. If possible, staying with pure ASCII text based
email is a better way to go, IMHO.

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