HTML Footers and Outlook/Word 2003?

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed May 21 17:49:10 IST 2008

on 5-21-2008 7:21 AM Paul Hutchings spake the following:
> Thanks for the reply.  Perhaps I explained poorly.
> We send the emails out and our MailScanner adds a signature.
> This one customer receives email from us and his Outlook is doing what he has described (I've not witnessed this and I've not had any comment from any other customer in the year or so we've added sigs).
> It's awkward for me to replicate, but I would like to just confirm that MailScanner isn't formatting the original message in some strange way - the email the customer receives would be no different to my original post to this list as it all passes through the same mail server.
> Cheers,
> Paul
The e-mail looked fine to me. A text sig in the text portion of the e-mail, 
and a html sig in the html formatted section. As Hugo said, Outlook has one 
ugly and awkward html formatting engine, especially if you use word for the 
mail editor, but it is usually readable in any other html client.

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you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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