Can you run MailWatch on a different server?

Paul Kelly :: Blacknight paul at
Mon May 19 23:42:50 IST 2008

> Yes you can, you can also run a centralised database, and
> enable RPC style calls so that items quanrantined on remote
> servers can be effectively released from the central server.
> I edited the Mailwatch code to do this, because if you enable
> the centralised database settings, it removes the ability to do this.
> I run a central database server with Mailwatch on it for
> multiple scanners...
> P.

We've done something similar. But we wrote a complete management front and back end for admins and customers alike. It uses MailWatch code in the logging bit but the rest is our own.

DB management is extremely important as you can fill several million rows a day so design of the DB and the hardware it's on are important.


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