Variables that can be used in inline.warning.txt and .html reports

Alan Charlton Alan.Charlton at
Tue May 20 02:24:53 IST 2008

We've been trying to use some variables in the inline.warning.txt/html
files that don't seem to work.  Specifically $datenumber and $to.  

We'd like to be able to provide our users with a link to release 'bad
content' or even 'virus' messages that they know are legitimate, similar
to what's in the  


I know it's a little risky, but we're a software development company and
we often get attachments that get caught, and our users tend to be
reasonably intelligent and cautious... and too impatient to submit a
ticket to IT every time a file is caught.

Also for proper backup and archiving we'd like all legitimate emails to
reach the end users' mailboxes...

For more details on what we're trying to do check out:

My searches for a solution turned up the following thread:

...Which seems to imply that these variables need to be specifically
added to work in a given report.

Is there any way we can add the variables ourselves?  Or do we need to
request that they be added in a new release?


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