releasing mail fromquarantine doesn't work with postfix ?

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>>  > but not for the spam quarantine... Right?
>>  > Look in the spam subfolder...
>>  Ooo... Now you're asking. I don't routinely quarantine spam, as I
>>  would in short order need to buy a small property full of hard
>> disk. I'll have  a play with it and see. 
> Since I'm a MW user... I never use queue files only. 

Right - that's fine as I am testing with raw queue files.

> Only diff is as you say, that the message is completely
> untouched (even for the original queue file name) in the normal
> quarantine, but the "log-safe" queue ID (with the added entropy) is
> used in the spam quarantine. 

Yup - it seems that in spam quarantine, it does retain the additional
entropy on the filename.

>I hope you have the time to update the
> wiki, since I surely don't:-( 

Shouldn't take long. I wonder if I can remember my wiki login...

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