Strangeness with HTML formatted emails

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Fri May 9 11:38:56 IST 2008

Hi, I'm afraid to say my boss likes the look of HTML stationery in Outlook
and despite my best efforts to dissuade him he wants to use it!
I have created a template and tested it - it looks fine in Googlemail when
sent to an external address, but comes back in to me converted to ASCII.
Strange thing is that we do receive lots of 'pretty' HTML emails from other
sources OK, but if I forward these to myself they get ASCIIfied too.
I am exploring many options, but having tweaked a few settings in Outlook
(mail format is HTML) and MailScanner (4.69.8) (Convert Dangerous HTML To
Text = no, Convert HTML To Text = no), I cannot get our own stationery-based
emails to turn up in one piece. 
I am also playing with an appointment reminders system (OpenEMM) on a
separate box that sends HTML templated emails via its own copy of plain old
sendmail and these *do* turn up OK in my inbox.
Any suggestions are welcome (apart from 'shoot the boss' - I'm saving that
one for later)!?
Nigel Kendrick
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