Mailscanner and Exim - Spool File Return Code problems.

Chris Russell Chris.Russell at
Thu May 8 20:39:19 IST 2008

> It will recreate the outbound queue file if the message has changed at
> all, otherwise it should just copy the spool file.
 Just had a look at one of them, the body looks unchanged, the headers however are {Spam?}
>  When I look at the spool file (-D),  the end line is the end of the
> HTML and no \r\n is present.
> Is this just in the outbound queue file, or also in the inbound file and/or in any quarantine file created?
 Its the outbound queue. I've not caught any in quarantine or input yet. I do know that another plain exim server we have passes these ok.
 Exim is configured with 2 seperate queues in and out.
> It sounds like it may well be a bug. I'll take a look in the Exim code and work out a fix for you. It needs to go in all the output copies of
> the original, as the message should end with a proper line termination sequence.
 Thanks for this :) - I would have thought exim would check too mind you!
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