Mailscanner and Exim - Spool File Return Code problems.

Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu May 8 21:46:29 IST 2008


Chris Russell wrote:
>> It will recreate the outbound queue file if the message has changed at
>> all, otherwise it should just copy the spool file.
>  Just had a look at one of them, the body looks unchanged, the headers however are {Spam?}
>>  When I look at the spool file (-D),  the end line is the end of the
>> HTML and no \r\n is present.
>> Is this just in the outbound queue file, or also in the inbound file and/or in any quarantine file created?
>  Its the outbound queue. I've not caught any in quarantine or input yet. I do know that another plain exim server we have passes these ok.
>  Exim is configured with 2 seperate queues in and out.
>> It sounds like it may well be a bug. I'll take a look in the Exim code and work out a fix for you. It needs to go in all the output copies of
>> the original, as the message should end with a proper line termination sequence.
>  Thanks for this :) - I would have thought exim would check too mind you!
The guy who writes Exim is about the only sane one there is. Every other 
MTA author is brain-damaged in one way or another :-)
Theoretically it's a test he doesn't need to do, and it's faster without 
it (slightly). So he probably optimised it out. About the only author 
who actually banked on the fact that people would play with queue files 
was the author of sendmail. He did it properly, documented them, put 
error checks in them, everything. At the other end of the scale is 
P*****x who say you mustn't even look at the fact they exist, let alone 
actually read them.


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