Mailscanner and Exim - Spool File Return Code problems.

Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu May 8 18:25:56 IST 2008

Chris Russell wrote:
> Hi All,
>  Probably one for Julian, as right now its a "from the top of your 
> head" question.
Aye aye, cap'n :-)
>  When using Exim, and have store and queue files=yes. Does Mailscanner 
> copy the original spool file, or read it in, then recreate the 
> outbound queue file ?
It will recreate the outbound queue file if the message has changed at 
all, otherwise it should just copy the spool file.
>  I have an odd issue. This only seems to affect HTML email, mostly 
> from mailing lists/groups and with long from addresses (ie: 
> xdkdddddddddd_ddsfsdfsdfsdfsfdsdfsdf at 
> <mailto:xdkdddddddddd_ddsfsdfsdfsdfsfdsdfsdf at>) 
> etc.
I think that's a red herring. I don't think I *ever* measure the length 
of the email address.
People who don't know the term should read this:
(That's for the benefit of the many people on this list for whom English 
is not their first, or even second, language. :-)
>  Basically, these will be passed by MailScanner, however will not be 
> sent.  The reason for this is exim doesn't sanity check for \r\n at 
> the end of the -D spool file when sending, it basically throws this 
> out via remote smtp. If there is no \r\n at the end of the file, the 
> period on a line by itself never happens.
>  When I look at the spool file (-D),  the end line is the end of the 
> HTML and no \r\n is present.
Is this just in the outbound queue file, or also in the inbound file 
and/or in any quarantine file created?
>  Just wondering if this is a potential bug ? Mailscanner version is a 
> little behind 4.66.5 however I can't see anything for exim in the 
> recent change logs. Other HTML email goes through fine, the only 
> commonality I can find is long sender addresses, but no idea why this 
> would affect the creation of the spool file.
As I said, I think that's a red herring.
>  Julian, any potential thoughts ?
It sounds like it may well be a bug. I'll take a look in the Exim code 
and work out a fix for you. It needs to go in all the output copies of 
the original, as the message should end with a proper line termination 


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