releasing mail fromquarantine doesn't work with postfix ?

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2008/5/8 Stef Morrell <stef at>:
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>  > but not for the spam quarantine... Right?
>  > Look in the spam subfolder...
>  Ooo... Now you're asking. I don't routinely quarantine spam, as I would
>  in short order need to buy a small property full of hard disk. I'll have
>  a play with it and see.
Since I'm a MW user... I never use queue files only. But I do know
that you have this difference for the message file (RFC822 text
file)... In the "normal" quarantine it is a directory containing the
message and all attachments, and in the spam quarantine it is only the
message file named by the queue ID.
>From the testing I've done (ages ago, so my generally ... spotted...
memory come into play:-), this is more or less the same for queue
files too. Only diff is as you say, that the message is completely
untouched (even for the original queue file name) in the normal
quarantine, but the "log-safe" queue ID (with the added entropy) is
used in the spam quarantine.
I hope you have the time to update the wiki, since I surely don't:-(

-- Glenn
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