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Dave Jones davejones70 at
Fri May 2 21:49:24 IST 2008

> Dave Jones wrote:
>> >I have just released the latest stable release of MailScanner, 4.69.
>> >There's quite a lot this month, but the main new features this month
>> >- - Can now extract embedded files from within Microsoft Office
>> >and subject them to all the file tests like any other attachments.
>> FYI, I hope our problem with defunct processes doesn't start popping
>> up all over the place with this new feature.  We had to disable this
>> feature to get our MailScanner stable again but use another new
>> feature Julian added for us in this release.
>If you can actually send me an email message which you know causes the
>problem to appear, I can code round it. Last time I asked for this I
>didn't receive anything useful to me.

I am still trying to gather information to send you a message that caused
the defunct process.  I had over 600 df files in the inbound queue that I
made a copy of before commenting out the UnpackOle line.  Which one would be
the one you need?  Would it be the oldest one?  Is there some attibute about
the file that I can search for to pinpoint the bad one? Or should I just tgz
all of them and put them on a web server for you?

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner with the needed info.  We
have a major site upgrade going live in a few days so I have had to focus on

>> ----SNIP of "Re: MailScanner defunct processes" -----
>> >The only way to disable the Storage_Lite code is to comment out the
>> >calls to sub "ExtractOle" in (in
>> >/usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner). Otherwise it is automatically used
>> >whenever it sees an attachment which starts with the "magic" strings
>> >that define a Microsoft Office document.
>> I ended up commenting out 2 lines that were a single call to UnpackOle
>> and mail is flowing again with no defunct processes.
>> ----SNIP of "Re: MailScanner defunct processes" -----
>Send me problem-causing messages please. Preferably zipped up and put on
>an http site for me to download, so my MailScanner doesn't also hit
>problems with it.

>Coding round any problems with the OLE unpacker should be pretty easy,
>but I can't do it without any messages that exhibit problems.



Dave Jones
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