MailScanner defunct processes

Julian Field MailScanner at
Fri May 2 22:13:06 IST 2008

Dave Jones wrote:
> > Dave Jones wrote:
> >> >I have just released the latest stable release of MailScanner, 4.69.
> >>
> >> >There's quite a lot this month, but the main new features this 
> month are:
> >>
> >> >- - Can now extract embedded files from within Microsoft Office 
> documents
> >> >and subject them to all the file tests like any other attachments.
> >> FYI, I hope our problem with defunct processes doesn't start popping
> >> up all over the place with this new feature.  We had to disable this
> >> feature to get our MailScanner stable again but use another new
> >> feature Julian added for us in this release.
> >If you can actually send me an email message which you know causes the
> >problem to appear, I can code round it. Last time I asked for this I
> >didn't receive anything useful to me.
> I am still trying to gather information to send you a message that 
> caused the defunct process.  I had over 600 df files in the inbound 
> queue that I made a copy of before commenting out the UnpackOle line.  
> Which one would be the one you need?  Would it be the oldest one?
It will probably be amongst the oldest ones. Don't forget the matching 
qf files too!
Make a tar file of a bundle of all the oldest ones. ('ls -tr | head 
-100' will give you the 100 oldest files, then you just need to make 
sure you have the qf and df for each of these messages, the "-t" means 
"sort by date" and the "-r" means "oldest first").
Send me as many as you like, I can soon find the troublesome ones in there,
>   Is there some attibute about the file that I can search for to 
> pinpoint the bad one? Or should I just tgz all of them and put them on 
> a web server for you?
Just give me the lot.
> I apologize for not getting back to you sooner with the needed info.  
> We have a major site upgrade going live in a few days so I have had to 
> focus on that.
No problem. Once I have isolated the problem, I can put out an update 
that fixes the problem.


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