OT: netiquette (was: The Perfect SpamSnake - Ubuntu 8.04 TLS)

Gerard gerard at seibercom.net
Fri May 2 11:31:28 IST 2008

On Fri, 02 May 2008 10:12:38 +0100
Peter Farrow <peter at farrows.org> wrote:

> shuttlebox wrote:
> > On Fri, May 2, 2008 at 10:19 AM, Peter Farrow <peter at farrows.org>
> > wrote: 
> >>  BTW, you didn't see that comment from Res' because it was sent to
> >> me,  just thought I would share it with you so you understand how
> >> you come across sometimes, take it on board, and make yourself a
> >> better person for it... 
> >
> > Maybe you shouldn't use Res as an example. :-) A guy who got in so
> > much trouble on this list he asked to be removed from it himself and
> > the wish was granted, then he subscribed again to lurk and posts
> > privately to people which all in all is kind of silly if you ask me.
> > In my mind Hugo is very reasonable compared to what I have read from
> > Res. After all, this list is populated by e-mail admins, if they are
> > "educated" about top-posting, how threading works and my favorite -
> > trimming replies, they might influence their users and we will have
> > a better world. :-)
> >
> >   
> I agree, but Hugo's reply just pressed my button, far too much tied
> up with protocol, rather than just saying thanks.
> If you constantly nit-pick over what really are irrellevances you end 
> with a mailing list tied up with discussions about posting, how to
> post, how not to post etc etc, and it becomes worthless, rather like
> a playground argument over who said what.
> This list is already diluted far too much with self appointed
> net-cops, and that really had to be said.  Given the same set of
> circumstances and looking back, my only regret is that I wasn't
> harder on Hugo first time round.   Res' comment seems right on the
> money in the case...

It has always been my opinion that the best place to start is at the
beginning. You cannot write a book successfully until you have mastered
the art of spelling, grammar, etc. Fast forwarding to 'forum postings'
would reveal that in order to post effectively a user should have the
necessary skills to properly format and present his data. The failure to
post in a logical and well understood manner, is in my humble opinion,
not effective. It actually has the effect of turning a potentially
useful post into a mélange of indecipherable rantings.

Just my 2¢.

gerard at seibercom.net

Pollyanna's Educational Constant: The hyperactive child is never absent.
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