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Rose, Bobby brose at med.wayne.edu
Wed Mar 5 00:22:25 GMT 2008

Thanks. I'd read that in the mailscanner and mailwatch archives but my
crazy logic considers wildcard and regex differently. 

Is it possible for MailScanner to process multiple ruleset or
customfunctions in the same way it does it for actions, virus scanners,
etc?  What I'd like is to allow users have their own
whitelists/blacklists but still have my global rules that consists IP &
Email Address Regex FROM combos.


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Rose, Bobby wrote:
> I've used Mailwatch for quite a while for login but not for 
> whitelist/blacklist but wanted to take a look at that function.  Does 
> mailwatch support the regex rules or combo rules (eg From:
> /[\@\.]doman.com$/ and From: 111.222.333.444 yes)  If not, then is it 
> possible for MailScanner to check both a ruleset and a mailwatch 
> database to get the best of both worlds?
> Thanks
> -=Bobby

MailWatch only works for perfect matches (no wild cards) on a single
email address. Check the archives for Julian's reasons why this must be.

You might consider setting up rule sets for the message that need wild
card entries. For example

a rules set for Spam Checks = that exempts the wild card entries.

Than you could use MailWatch's checks for the "must perfectly match" 
entries and have a back door for wildcards.

Best regards,


Steve Swaney
steve at fsl.com

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