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Mon Jun 30 17:52:48 IST 2008

I don't see why not. You should already be familiar with rulesets.  
Splitting destination addresses seems necessary in order to avoid  
messages to clients on both ISP A and B using the wrong rules. This  
would have to be done at the MTA.

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On Jun 30, 2008, at 11:18 AM, "Magnus Axelsson" <maggih at>  

> Hi all.
> I wonder if someone could tell me if the following is indeed possible.
> I run a mail server which relays outgoing mail from a few hundred  
> different domains through two mailscanner machines. Spam is  
> eliminated if it get's spam score over 7.0, all confirmed virus  
> messages are deleted, and "suspicious" files are quarantined and the  
> recipient gets a message saying something like "the attachement was  
> quarantined by X company's virus filtering. Please call xxxx or send  
> mail to xxx at" etcetera.
> now, the company recently merged with another ISP, whose customer  
> base is not supposed to be acutely aware of the merger, they are in  
> effect still customers of the former company which is still a  
> seperate company in name. their outgoing mailservers are to be  
> merged with our servers, and thus their mail to be routed the same  
> way through the same mailscanner machines.
> the problem I have is that if their outgoing  attachments are  
> filtered, the recipient is NOT supposed to get a quarantine message  
> from MY company. However the requirement is that we use the same  
> outgoing mailscanners. The former scanners for that company did not  
> send any reports at all, and those machines are to be outmoded.
> personally I wanted a seperate machine for this purpose, but  
> administratively I'm not being allowed this option.
> So I wonder, can Mailscanner be tweaked so as to issue a different  
> quarantine message to recipient depending on the sender's domain?
> sincerely
> Magnús Hákon Axelsson
> Reykjavik, Iceland
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