Health update

James Gray james at
Sat Jun 14 07:59:02 IST 2008

Hi Jules,

Good and bad news I guess :-/ It is my hope and prayer that you are  
called very soon for a new liver and can put this whole episode behind  

If it's any comfort, a good friend of mine had a heart transplant  
about 5 years ago and is going from strength to strength.  His  
recovery (and prospects without a transplant) prompted my wife and I  
to go on the organ donor list here in Oz.  On top I that, I regularly  
donate blood and am on the marrow donor and partial liver donor list  
as well!

If you were in Oz, and could have half my liver, I'd gladly let you  
have it...if for no other reason than to see you keep sticking it to  
the spammers!!  All the best Jules; I'll be praying for you on the  
other side of the globe.



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