Health update

Rick Chadderdon mailscanner at
Sat Jun 14 03:34:20 IST 2008

Best wishes, Julian.  Did the vein spontaneously grow, or was there a 
treatment that encouraged it?  In any case, it's good news.  :)

Good luck!


Julian Field wrote:
> Folks,
> Just wanted to let you know that, as soon as I send back the consent 
> forms, I am officially on the waiting list for a liver transplant.
> No holidays or anything now until I get my call...
> Fortunately, I have grown a new vein in the last few months that means 
> I will just need a new liver and not a small bowel as well, which 
> significantly improves my survival chances. This is very good news :-)
> Wish me luck!
> Jules

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