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Wed Jun 4 23:41:27 IST 2008

Henry Kwan wrote:
> Ken Goods <kgoods <at>> writes:
>> I used a guide on the MailScanner site for the initial setup. Take a look
>> around there and see what you come up with. If you need more help or have
>> other questions don't hesitate to ask.
> Hi Ken,
> I'm currently installing a MailScanner (using Sendmail) and Exchange 2007 setup
> and have it mostly configured but in the process of testing it, I did come
> across an issue.
> When I create a distribution list in Exchange, by default it only accepts mail
> from authenticated senders.  I have to manually unset that option before I can
> send emails to that distribution list from the outside world.  How do I make my
> MailScanner box an authenticated sender to Exchange?  Currently, there is a
> Receive Connector that accepts anonymous SMTP only from the MailScanner box and
> no other IP.
> Thanks.
If your MailSCanner authenticated to the exchange and it accepts email 
from the outside world, then the end result is the same as simply 
unchecking the authenticated senders option.  Its there as a mechanism 
to prevent outsiders from emailing certain groups within the 
organisation.  For example if you had a distribution group than 
encompassed the whole company you wouldn't necessarily want outsiders to 
the company being able to fire one email that went to all say 1000+ 
employees.  This mechanism simply allows control over who can email to 
the distribution list.  If you want people from outside to be able to 
use certain distribution groups then you simply turn this option off for 
those groups, its not really any big deal, exchange versions prior to 
2007 didn't have this "feature" implemented in this way anyway so its no 
great loss turning it off.  You can probably setup a group policy option 
to set this automagically by default.

Use this command to unset it for <groupname>

Set-DistributionGroup "<groupname>? -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled 


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