Windows Exchange Server

Henry Kwan lists at
Thu Jun 5 01:41:27 IST 2008

Peter Farrow <peter <at>> writes:

> If your MailSCanner authenticated to the exchange and it accepts email
> from the outside world, then the end result is the same as simply
> unchecking the authenticated senders option.  Its there as a mechanism
> to prevent outsiders from emailing certain groups within the
> organisation.  For example if you had a distribution group than
> encompassed the whole company you wouldn't necessarily want outsiders
> to the company being able to fire one email that went to all say 1000+
> employees.

Ah, ok.  Thanks for the explanation.  I'll just stick with setting that option
to off for all of my public distribution groups then.

But is there any value to making the MailScanner box an authenticated sender to
Exchange?  Is there even a way to do this?


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