Timo Jacobs is out of the office.

Mike Ellis mike at mellis.me.uk
Sun Jul 20 18:29:32 IST 2008

Gerard wrote:
> Obviously, I do not live in a locality that requires in any form these
> insidious 'disclaimers'; however, since it has now become a requirement
> in certain areas of the world, might it not be a wise decision to allow
> or at least request that a user only be allowed to post to this forum
> from his/her personal email account? One that does not require this
> 'disclaimer' nonsense. In my opinion, when someone is at their job,
> they should not be investing company time on personal business anyway.
> I know that belief is not universally embraced; however, as an employer
> myself, I like to think that my employees are devoting at least a
> majority of their time to company business. For the record, we do have
> 'monitoring software' installed. Who would have known that women enjoy
> 'porn' almost as much as men.

What if someone is using MailScanner in a business environment and does 
not have a private address?


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