Timo Jacobs is out of the office.

Robert Joosten robert at ml.erje.net
Sat Jul 19 18:20:54 IST 2008


> Added to the fact that he has chosen to include a legally unenforceable 
> disclaimer, that might very well be the longest of any I have had the 
> misfortune of viewing

He ? Who says he has included that ? The fact an autorespnder includes 
this disclaimer tells me their smtp-gateway attaches that on any outgoing 
mail. And I know plenty of companies that do that; and you're right: 
disclaimers are useless.

I personally don't know the guys that are on vacation, but lett's kick 
them off the list and include some warning vacation-responders are not 
allowed when people sign up. That makes more sense that planning to 
overthrown their cubicles :-D


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