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> Gareth wrote:
> | We have been using Trend for the last few years but the latest version
> | we upgraded to a year ago has really gone downhill. We had to upgrade
> | the XP machines from 256MB to 512MB just so that the machine did not
> | take over 5 minutes to boot (no exaggeration).
> I think you will find that Trend has a relative small memory footprint.
> But there are common mistakes people make in setting up Trend in domains
> that will make machines start up rather slow. Please consult their
> knowledgebase for a few of them.

We were running the previous version and that was fine. Machines started up
ok. The scanner did slow machines down slightly but it was acceptible. We
upgraded and had terrible problems. Reported to trend who acknowledged the
problem and gave us instructions on manually downsrading the scanning engine
and disabling updates with limited difference. A memory upgrade helped in
the startup times so at least it loaded properly.
Before it would slow down the computer so much a lot of the time it failed
to even start properly (red icon) which is no good for a virus scanner.
After the memory upgrade it started up quicker but was still very slow
opening files and running programs and that was even on my machine which has
1GB of memory.

I am currently running a 30 day eval of NOD32 business edition. Its not very
easy to get started with as the admin console has no step by step guide on
what you have to do to get everything working but you do get to speak
directly to eset technical support who are very helpfullso I dont consider
this a big fault.
NOD32 is so much faster than trend. Honestly a general users machine is more
responsive to use while NOD32 is performing a full computer scan than while
Trend is installed and NOT performing a full scan.

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