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> Gareth wrote:
> | We have been using Trend for the last few years but the latest version
> | we upgraded to a year ago has really gone downhill. We had to upgrade
> | the XP machines from 256MB to 512MB just so that the machine did not
> | take over 5 minutes to boot (no exaggeration).
> I think you will find that Trend has a relative small memory footprint.
> But there are common mistakes people make in setting up Trend in domains
> that will make machines start up rather slow. Please consult their
> knowledgebase for a few of them.
> Hugo.
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> Hugo,
> I am surprised by that.  Our company has just been taken over and the new 
> company uses Trend.  We have just rolled it out to 800 machines and it does 
> indeed run like the proverbial dog.  It sucks up memory, the 
> patches/definitions are huge and on small WAN links completely saturate the 
> bandwidth.  Not to mention its very very poor detection rate.  We did a test 
> on a standalone machine, and out of 20 different viruses in managed to catch 
> 1!  We imaged the machine again and did the same with NOD32 and it caught the 
> lot.  Plus the latest version does not play well at all with Citrix servers!
> Regards,
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Sorry for not responding to the original post.

We use Central Command's Vexira here.  Overall, the results have been quite good.  It's
supported on a great many OS's, is simple to install, relatively easy to configure,
relatively light-weight, and does a very good job of protecting.  The company is willing
to negotiate on pricing.  The 30-day evaluation may be worth your try.


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