Any Way to filter backscatter?

Lance Haig lhaig at
Fri Jan 25 17:27:42 GMT 2008

Hi Alex,

Thanks where would I find the MailScanner option?

I am using postfix on redhat



Alex Neuman wrote:
> Implement milter-null and/or MailScanner's built-in functionality. The
> milter-null solution works with sendmail (don't know about your
> particular setup) and blocks at the MTA level (which saves you some
> resources), the built-in MailScanner function does the same at the
> expense of having to receive the message first.
> On Jan 25, 2008, at 9:41 AM, Lance Haig wrote:
>> One of my users has a problem where he has been made the from address in
>> a spam campaign.
>> he is now getting loads of could not deliver messages. is there  way to
>> filter these out?
>> Thanks guys
>> Lance
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