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Wed Jan 23 17:47:50 GMT 2008

Thanks everyone for your suggestions so far.
It looks like the decision is going to between NOD32 and Kaspersky.
I'll take a closer look at their offerings and prices tomorrow.

We have 30-40 machines so central admin is not essential but certenly very
desirable. Since we run clamav on mailscanner viruses are not really a
problem for us. It is spyware that is definetly the biggest problem.

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> We have been using Trend for the last few years but the latest version
> we upgraded to a year ago has really gone downhill. We had to upgrade
> the XP machines from 256MB to 512MB just so that the machine did not
> take over 5 minutes to boot (no exaggeration).
> What do you recommend as a good corporate antivirus and preferebly anti
> spyware product as we are seriously considering switching?
> Thanks
> Gareth
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