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Duncan, Brian M. brian.duncan at
Wed Jan 23 17:27:38 GMT 2008

We are in the process of switching from Symantec to Kaspersky. (All
workstations and on all Windows servers)

We looked into all the major AV offerings and Kaspersky had the smallest
footprint while being the most corporate friendly, and having tiered
support. It also was a cost savings over Symantec.

It is highly configurable and has many reporting features for staff.  It
has AV + Spyware components and other features.  They are all easy to
customize in a large Windows managed environment.

We also did our own independent testing and Kaspersky seemed to be more
aware of more PE compaction methods then most all of the other AV

(We ran tests with all the major AV scanners with 37,00+ verified
Viruses/Trojans and around 20,000 exe's fresh from Usenet at that time)

They also liked that Kaspersky handles real-time scanning of any
workstation defined ports. (HTTP/POP/etc..)

That is not to say that there were not other AV scanners that came up
better in other single areas. (NOD 32 for instance, was blazingly fast,
just not very friendly and the interface was disliked by all test users
- Not to mention its scalability in large organizations that need
multiple update servers/ good reporting tools in a well designed
management console)

At the time we also spoke to some customer references from Kaspersky
that were on it for more then a year and they were all happy with no
outbreaks ever. We asked for 1500+ Windows seat references.

Good luck

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> We have been using Trend for the last few years but the
> latest version we upgraded to a year ago has really gone
> downhill. We had to upgrade the XP machines from 256MB to
> 512MB just so that the machine did not take over 5 minutes to
> boot (no exaggeration).
> What do you recommend as a good corporate antivirus and
> preferebly anti spyware product as we are seriously
> considering switching?
> Thanks
> Gareth
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