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Sun Jan 6 14:30:49 GMT 2008

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Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
> On Sat, 5 Jan 2008, Julian Field wrote:
>> This is one problem I see time and again on other people's systems, they
>> never remember to install unrar, which means that MailScanner cannot
>> check filenames or filetypes in RAR archives.
>> Anyone got any good practical ideas on how I might go about solving this
>> one?
>> Thanks!
>> Jules
> Julian,
>    I just updated to unrarsrc-3.7.6 a few days ago, concurrent with
> installing MS 4.66.5.  I don't remember what motivated me to do this;
> previously I had unrar 3.5.4 installed.  Must have been new-year
> enthusiasum.
>    Any chance that unrarsrc (from, you have to hunt for
> the download) can be included and built like tnef is?  There might
> be legal issues with unrarlab on this.
I could have a look, but I would rather have people just download the 
RPM from or somewhere like that. But I'll definitely take 
a look at and see if it can be built from source easily and 
reliably on a wide range of systems. I'll then ask them about 
distributing it. It must be possible, as Dag does it.

What I have done in the mean time is add a check to MailScanner --lint 
to check that it is installed and executable, so at least you'll get to 
find out you haven't got it installed.

> FWIW, I occasionally *do* see rar files at my sight; I don't know why.
> Mailscanner deals with them nicely.
> Jeff Earickson
> Colby College


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