People forget to install unrar

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> >> This is one problem I see time and again on other people's systems, they
> >> never remember to install unrar, which means that MailScanner cannot
> >> check filenames or filetypes in RAR archives.
> >>
> >> Anyone got any good practical ideas on how I might go about solving this
> >> one?
> >>
> > FWIW, I occasionally *do* see rar files at my sight; I don't know why.
> > Mailscanner deals with them nicely.
> >
> > Jeff Earickson
> > Colby College

FYI, I deal with a lot of .rar files at home, personally. I've never 
seen a *valid* .rar come over my mail server, though they are a good 
archival system, so I would imagine someone will use it someday and I 
would want to allow it; like a .zip file.

However, I dealt with a great deal of them on the mail server early 
last year when a botnet started disbursing them with suspect code 
content. MailScanner was very adept at picking this trash out and 
quarantining it.


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