People forget to install unrar

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DAve wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> This is one problem I see time and again on other people's systems, they
>> never remember to install unrar, which means that MailScanner cannot
>> check filenames or filetypes in RAR archives.
>> Anyone got any good practical ideas on how I might go about solving this
>> one?
>> Thanks!
>> Jules
> I have not seen a RAR archive in 7 years. In the last three years of
> running MailScanner it has never had to open a RAR archive (I know, I've
> looked).
> Can you make the opening of RAR archives an option defaulted to off, or
> are others dealing with RAR archives more often than I am?
It tries to open them and fails, but that doesn't do any damage to the
message, so the status quo works okay.


Wouldn't it be sufficient if it just reported it as not installed when you do a --lint or run it in debug mode?


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