People forget to install unrar

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Sat Jan 5 18:42:16 GMT 2008

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DAve wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> This is one problem I see time and again on other people's systems, they
>> never remember to install unrar, which means that MailScanner cannot
>> check filenames or filetypes in RAR archives.
>> Anyone got any good practical ideas on how I might go about solving this
>> one?
>> Thanks!
>> Jules
> I have not seen a RAR archive in 7 years. In the last three years of
> running MailScanner it has never had to open a RAR archive (I know, I've
> looked).
> Can you make the opening of RAR archives an option defaulted to off, or
> are others dealing with RAR archives more often than I am?
It tries to open them and fails, but that doesn't do any damage to the 
message, so the status quo works okay.


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