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Guy Story gstory at
Sat Jan 5 15:29:38 GMT 2008

I was not aware the the script would pull out my comments.  I spent the
time before I knew this and checked for the missing parameters that the
default conf file 4.58 has and added them to my existing file.  It looks
like if the  parameters are missing then it uses the defaults.  I added
the parameter for max file size and increased it to 300k.  That took care
of my question.  I really need to look at the change log and see what else
I am missing.


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> Julian Field wrote:
>> Guy Story KC5GOI wrote:
>>> I am using 4.58.9-2
>> Considering the current version is 4.66, that's more than 8 months old.
>> Quite old...
>>>  since that is what is on the Ubuntu repositories.  I
>>> have been using the same conf file for a long time and have not run the
>>> upgrade script manually.  I assume, and it looks like this is a wrong
>>> assumption, that the Ubuntu package does not do it either.  I can add
>>> the Max Spam Check Size to MailScanner.conf and go from there.
>> Use the upgrade_MailScanner_conf script, it won't do any damage, it
>> carefully preserves all your settings and just adds new ones so you
>> don't have to use the defaults for new configuration settings. Just run
>> the script without any parameters and it will tell you how to use it.
> Well. That depends on how you define damage. I considere loosing my own
> comments in a configuration file damage as well.
> The warning that one will loose ones own comments is the sole reason I
> am extremely reluctant to run that config upgrade script.
> Hugo.
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