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Guy Story wrote:
> I was not aware the the script would pull out my comments.  I spent the
> time before I knew this and checked for the missing parameters that the
> default conf file 4.58 has and added them to my existing file.  It looks
> like if the  parameters are missing then it uses the defaults.  I added
> the parameter for max file size and increased it to 300k.  That took care
> of my question.  I really need to look at the change log and see what else
> I am missing.
Run the script to generate a new copy of the file and just diff it 
against your old conf file. That will show you all the new stuff without 
touching your old conf file.
upgrade_MailScanner_conf MailScanner.conf MailScanner.conf.rpmnew >
diff MailScanner.conf | less
and you'll see what new stuff you're missing.

But it's all in the ChangeLog as well, which is at

> Guy
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>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> Guy Story KC5GOI wrote:
>>>> I am using 4.58.9-2
>>> Considering the current version is 4.66, that's more than 8 months old.
>>> Quite old...
>>>>  since that is what is on the Ubuntu repositories.  I
>>>> have been using the same conf file for a long time and have not run the
>>>> upgrade script manually.  I assume, and it looks like this is a wrong
>>>> assumption, that the Ubuntu package does not do it either.  I can add
>>>> the Max Spam Check Size to MailScanner.conf and go from there.
>>> Use the upgrade_MailScanner_conf script, it won't do any damage, it
>>> carefully preserves all your settings and just adds new ones so you
>>> don't have to use the defaults for new configuration settings. Just run
>>> the script without any parameters and it will tell you how to use it.
>> Well. That depends on how you define damage. I considere loosing my own
>> comments in a configuration file damage as well.
>> The warning that one will loose ones own comments is the sole reason I
>> am extremely reluctant to run that config upgrade script.
>> Hugo.
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