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Julian Field wrote:

> Guy Story KC5GOI wrote:
>> I am using 4.58.9-2
> Considering the current version is 4.66, that's more than 8 months old. 
> Quite old...
>>  since that is what is on the Ubuntu repositories.  I
>> have been using the same conf file for a long time and have not run the
>> upgrade script manually.  I assume, and it looks like this is a wrong
>> assumption, that the Ubuntu package does not do it either.  I can add
>> the Max Spam Check Size to MailScanner.conf and go from there.
> Use the upgrade_MailScanner_conf script, it won't do any damage, it 
> carefully preserves all your settings and just adds new ones so you 
> don't have to use the defaults for new configuration settings. Just run 
> the script without any parameters and it will tell you how to use it.

Well. That depends on how you define damage. I considere loosing my own
comments in a configuration file damage as well.

The warning that one will loose ones own comments is the sole reason I
am extremely reluctant to run that config upgrade script.


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