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Guy Story KC5GOI wrote:
> I am using 4.58.9-2
Considering the current version is 4.66, that's more than 8 months old. 
Quite old...
>  since that is what is on the Ubuntu repositories.  I
> have been using the same conf file for a long time and have not run the
> upgrade script manually.  I assume, and it looks like this is a wrong
> assumption, that the Ubuntu package does not do it either.  I can add
> the Max Spam Check Size to MailScanner.conf and go from there.
Use the upgrade_MailScanner_conf script, it won't do any damage, it 
carefully preserves all your settings and just adds new ones so you 
don't have to use the defaults for new configuration settings. Just run 
the script without any parameters and it will tell you how to use it.

> Scott Silva wrote:
>> on 1/4/2008 6:48 AM Guy Story KC5GOI spake the following:
>>> Matt, I did add the EICAR at the end of my test text file.  Based on
>>> your suggestion I moved it to the top of the text file and that was
>>> stopped.  Putting the EICAR in the middle kept it from getting caught.
>>> I increased the Max SpamAssassin Size parameter from 30000 to 300000 and
>>> that did not clear the error message.  I will keep looking.
>>> Jeff mentioned looking for "Max Spam Check Size ="  I could not find
>>> that entry in my MailScanner.conf file.  That was also the parameter
>>> that my Google searches referred to.  If it is not present, is that the
>>> default setting?
>> How about telling us what version of MailScanner you are using?


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