Max file size

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Thu Jan 3 21:59:03 GMT 2008

Guy Story KC5GOI wrote:
> I have a max file size question. I am getting " is too big for spam
> checks (2090980 > 150000 bytes) " A search of mailscanner.conf does not
> find the vaule 150000.

This should be the "Max SpamAssassin Size" option, which, AFAIK, should only 
apply to SpamAssassin, not AV scanning.

> I read a few posts I found after using google and
> they indicate this is not an issue. I added the EICAR to a 175k text
> file. It was flagged as too big for spam scanning and the AV scanning
> did not happen.

Are you sure your AV would detect the resulting file as a virus?

I tried pre-pending it to a 400k file, and MailScanner found it just fine.

Appending it to the same file, it was not detected.

HOWEVER, copying this same file to my server and manually running all of AV 
scanners on it (bitdefender, clamav, command av) did not detect a virus either. 
Apparently most AV products will only detect eicar if it's at the beginning of 
the file. (This is probably to reduce FP's)

> Given the MS Windows Media file problems from last year, I would like to
> have Clam scan all attachments even if it was too big for spam.  Some
> attachments can easily be bigger than a meg.  I am aware of the
> performance concerns.

AFAIK, they should always be av scanned. See above and test your file against 
your scanners to see if they detect it.


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