MailScanner 4.66.5 woes on Centos 5.1

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shuttlebox wrote:
| On Feb 17, 2008 3:33 PM, Julian Field <MailScanner at> wrote:
|> One other possibility is to much with the installation setup of each of
|> my required Perl modules, so that they are always installed in the
|> "site" tree which should be out of the way of CPAN and RPM. Not sure how
|> easy it is to do that though. Any thoughts?
| I've been dealing with this on Solaris and even though I packaged a IO
| 1.2301 module it used the older one from within Perl itself, it only
| searches the INC until it finds a match, it doesn't go through the
| whole INC and uses the latest module if there are more than one match.
| I had to use PERLLIB in a few places and didn't like it so I haven't
| officially released a 4.66 Blastwave package. Instead I have asked the
| maintainer of Perl to update the included IO which haven't happened
| yet. :-(

In the case of the RPM version we need to find a way to add the files
without hitting the one from the main perl package. The rpmforge package
does not hit a conflict on any regular files. Just on the manual pages.

If these are properly markes as documentation we just might get away
with it .... .... ..

Right. First try to install it with yum. That will fail but download the
package anyway. Then install it without the documentation:

rpm -Uvh
- --excludedocs

That installs the required package with an acceptable kludge. It does
satisfy my wish to avoid the --force option.

I am not familiar enough with the Solaris package manager to see if a
similar trick might work.


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