MailScanner 4.66.5 woes on Centos 5.1

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Sun Feb 17 14:33:14 GMT 2008

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Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
> * PGP Signed by an unverified key: 02/17/08 at 12:34:19
> Julian Field wrote:
> |
> |
> | Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
> |> > Old Signed by an unverified key: 02/17/08 at 10:51:01
> |
> |> Julian Field wrote:
> |> | How did you upgrade?
> |> | Did you run
> |
> |> I upgraded the packages through yum and installed the MailScanner RPM
> |> with rpm -Uvh manually.
> |
> |> I do not use that script as I have found that I do not wish to 
> screw up
> |> yet another system with the --force option. I have paid too high a 
> price
> |> to accept that option ever again with rpm.
> | It's just that my script writes a .rpmmacros file for you
> | that stops all the RPM build errors you were seeing. If you do it all
> | yourself, sorry, but don't expect too much sympathy :-)
> I disabled the specific check in MailScanner as a test and MailScanner
> works just fine from what I can tell. I am currently doing a full set of
> tests.
I always go by what the modules say they need as pre-requisites, not 
what happens to appear to work. There may be some nasty edge case that 
you haven't tested.

Have you any suggestions for how to avoid this problem entirely? One 
possibility is to use CPAN to install the modules that I otherwise have 
to --force. But that still totally screws with the RPM installation of 
Perl itself, it just does it in a way that is hidden from 'perl -MCPAN' :-(
One other possibility is to much with the installation setup of each of 
my required Perl modules, so that they are always installed in the 
"site" tree which should be out of the way of CPAN and RPM. Not sure how 
easy it is to do that though. Any thoughts?
> I can not find specificly what did not work witout this perl IO module
> in the past months. Can anyone remember that bit of information?
Sorry, I have had a good look. When I upgraded some other Perl module, 
it must have complained that it needed an even newer version of the IO 
module than shipped with RedHat 5 or CentOS 5, as that's what I build on.


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