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Edward Dekkers wrote:
|> What is your file attachment config? My default rules do not allow
|> proprietary document formats to pass and for those relatives that want
|> to pass them along I use another (more loosely) set of rules.
|> #H#Filename Rules = %etc-dir%/filename.rules.conf
|> Filename Rules = %rules-dir%/filenames.rules
|> Then take it from there to make your rules set more or less strict per
|> user/domain/.....
|> Do not forget to do this for your filetypes also!
| This is where it gets confusing.
| There does not appear to be a global "Ignore scanning from my local
| outbound" kind of thing and if there is, I cannot get it to work.
| I've found the filename.rules.conf and the filetype.rules.conf (in the
| %etc-dir%) which seem to be responsible for killing off my attachment.
| I've modified the MailScanner.conf to have:
| Allow Filenames = %rules-dir%/allow.filenames.rules
| Allow Filetypes = %rules-dir%/allow.filetypes.rules

Leave these lines empty as they were! Or use them properly.

| I ASSUME these are the sorts of files you are talking about.

No. Most definitly not.

| Well, I've added my details to both the above mentioned files (which I
| touched to create)
| From:	192.168.0.	yes
| From:	<my e-mail address>	yes

So you now allowed the file extention yes and the filetype yes in there.
I have never seen that extention in use. But perhaps they have their
uses in your case.

If you use a rule file instead of a rule in the config file your
rulefile must follow the conventions for the rule in the original config

So let's d this again. Shall we?

In %etc-dir%/MailScanner.conf:

# Do not use these!!!
Allow Filenames =
Deny Filenames =
Allow Filetypes =
Deny Filetypes =
# But use these
Filename Rules = %rules-dir%/filenames.rules
Filetype Rules = %rules-dir%/filetypes.rules

Then in %rules-dir%/filenames.rules
Describe which filename config file to use for each user:

FromOrTo:       harry at ...           %etc-dir%/filename-loose.rules.conf
FromOrTo:       hugo at ...            %etc-dir%/filename-strict.rules.conf

Then copy filename.rules.conf to filename-loose.rules.conf and remove
whatever you do not want to be stopped by MailScanner.

And the strict file can get added whatever you do not wish to pass.

The filetype thing works in a similar fashion to the filename rules. Do
not forget to work out both of them to make it work.


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